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Planning and Replanning

Design documentation
Interior Planning
Legalization of redevelopment

Elements and interior details

Artificial acrylic stone
Marine aquarium
Fireplace interior
Interior Waterfalls
Lighting Systems

Ceiling Design

Stretch ceilings
History of suspended ceilings
Benefits of suspended ceilings
Modern technology
Seamless ceilings
French ceilings
German ceilings
Russian ceilings
Starry sky
Suspended ceilings painted
Large format printing capabilities


Construction Features


One year warranty and customer service
10 Year structural warranty by Bonded Builders Home Warranty
All building permits (Changes after approval=New Permits)
Standard construction plans (Changes=New Plans)
Boundary survey allowance of $425.00
All construction surveys for standard single lot size
Engineered sealed blueprints
All impact fees
Overhead Electric Service
Masonry block construction (concrete & steel reinforced)
Steel reinforced monolithic concrete slab (3,000 PSI)
Concrete lintel with continuous tie beam w/truss connectors
Soil termite treatment under concrete slab
6 ML visqueen vapor barrier, entire home
Engineered roof truss with hurricane anchors
2 x 4 studs 16" on center
6/12 roof pitch with 4 ply roof sheating
Energy Saving Features
Bryant 12 seer High Efficiency "Puron" Heat Pump
(the environment friendly cooling/heating unit)
Continuous R-6.5 insulated duct work
Factory sealed air handler
Easy programmable thermostat
Air returns in each bedroom
Heat and air supply in all walk-in closets
Smooth Star fiberglass insulated entry doors w/deadbolts
R-30 all living area ceilings
R-11 between garage and living area
3/4' Thermax on block walls (R5.6)

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